FREE Databases for FileMaker 10 and 11

Updated and Renovated
In honor of the new release, RCC has made some changes to its own FREE FileMaker templates, ranging from slight renovations (RCC Donations and Data4Life) to significant updates (FM Starting Point 2).

FM Starting Point 2:  FileMaker 11 is arrayed with new features, and FM Starting Point leverages them for you to see!  FM Starting Point continues to be an ideal template for small businesses everywhere. It uses up-to-date FileMaker features in a polished, practical manner. And, it is totally FREE.

Besides incorporating FileMaker 11 charts, FM Starting Point 2 contains  a newly added an Inventory management system, Project Milestone  tracking,  and numerous other improvements.

Of course, if you are still using FileMaker 10 and  want to use FM Starting Point to jump start your project, version 1 is still available for download.  Whether you are new to FM Starting Point or have used it since day one, you will benefit from this update.

RCC Donations and Data4Life:  The RCC Donations file (mainly for non-profit organizations) and Data4Life (a FileMaker personal management system) have been cleared for FileMaker 11 use. Both of these templates will work with 10 and 11 without drop in