Throw That Man a Fish!

Throw that man a fish! No, make that men. The folks at 360Works have teamed up with John Sindelar at SeedCode to create an AWESOME new tool, called Zulu.  Zulu is a FileMaker Server plugin that provides instant connectivity between any FileMaker database and iCal on the Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Not wanting to be left out…Windows users may use Sunbird as an iCal type calendaring tool that can also talk to Zulu.

Zulu supports connecting any FileMaker calendar or scheduling database to your remote users.  Zulu easily supports multiple user calendars, or calendar dedicated to specific task…like delivery vehicles.  Offline access is supported, since if iCal looses it’s internet connection, it keeps track of your changes. When an iCal device reconnects to the internet, all changes are synchronized back to FileMaker.

The capability to connect iCal to FileMaker, in real time, is truly staggering, since we have never had this ability previously. I know that the average end user just expects “everything to work” and “everything to talk to everything else” , however,  creating a tool that performs this level of integration…while making it simple to deploy … is rare.  Simplicity and usability are a hallmark of FileMaker and something we don’t see enough of in the world as a whole. 360Works has a legacy of developing mission critical technologies to round out the FileMaker  platform, as their SuperContainer technology is still the benchmark for document management on the FileMaker platform.

Whenever software developers do great work, we should throw them a fish.  Just like we would for the dolphin that jumps out of the water and does three back flips.  Great job guys.  Fish for everyone!!!