Month: March 2011

Sales Beaver and the iPad 2

Hello Sales Beaver Fans!
Apple’s iPad 2 will be here tomorrow.  So its time for a quick update, to you, plus I need some feedback.
First off, we anticipate ALL versions of Sales Beaver operating without problems on the iPad 2.  In fact, we would be highly shocked to see any bugs at all, given that Apple is working hard to make sure this new device runs all the existing iOS software.  Any bug that are found will of course be patched by my team.  We do anticipate that Sales Beaver will run much faster…   because these new iPads are about twice as fast as the version 1 iPad.
That being said… the new iPads have a built-in camera, which could allow sales staff to help document the needs of their customer by sticking relevant photos into the Sales Beaver database.  This won’t be useful for everyone.  But imagine if you were buying foreclosed homes to improve and resell.  You could visit a home and snap photos with Sales Beaver and an iPad 2 to document the house for future reference.
So my question to you:  How do you see using the camera?  If you could have anything you wanted,how would the camera interact with the database?  Where would you see the images on screen?  How would it work?  Tell us what you think!  Good chance…we’ll build it!
Richard Carlton
Chief of the Beavers

Donations Update

RCC Donations is RCCs free donations template designed for FileMaker 10 & 11. RCC Donations is a free solution that is available for download and is completely unlocked, allowing customers to customize it at length. New reporting features and bug fixes have been implemented in this release.