Month: June 2011

Going to Devcon? Enter FileMaker Feud!

At Devcon (in about 6 weeks from now) MightyData <> will be hosting a FileMaker Feud <>. Apparently Kirk Bowman has told people that they must leave their knifes and sharp pointed objects at home as the feud has the potential to get ugly. (LOL)

Two teams, each consisting of one FileMaker coach from MightyData and four DevCon attendees, will test their FileMaker knowledge at 2 p.m., August 3. The team that picks the most popular answer to questions on common FileMaker topics including layouts, calculations, and scripts will earn the title of FileMaker Feud Champion as well as have the opportunity to win cool prizes, such as coaching from MightyData, an iPad 2, an iPod touch, and iTunes gift cards. The loosing team will probably take it poorly, followed by potentially unsavory behavior.

This is the chance to have some fun with the MightyData team. To register, visit the MightyData site and fill out the audition form <>. Since The Feud is all about surveying the audience, MightyData also needs your help in coming up with the most popular answers to 25 FileMaker development questions. Simply visit <>, fill out the form, and answer the questions.