FileMaker Starting Point Released in French and German

August 15, 2011
FileMaker Starting Point Released in French and German

Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc., (RCC) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of French and German language versions of FM Starting Point.

FM Starting Point is a completely FREE and unlocked FileMaker business template designed for use with FileMaker® Pro 11. Its functionality is focused toward small businesses, work groups, and non-profit organizations. FM Starting Point is based upon the FileMaker platform and works equally well on Windows and Mac computers, as well as on iPhone and iPad devices running FileMaker Go.

FMSP for English has been a hugely successful solution with over 150,000 downloads, and we wanted to bring this fantastic tool to FileMaker users from other linguistic backgrounds, within and outside of the United States, explained Richard Carlton, CEO, RCC. Our English version has always been completely free and unlocked; however, RCC has retained translation professionals to advise and assist in our conversion.

Due to the added cost of localization, French and German versions of FM Starting Point are $99 each. Once paid for, there are no additional hidden charges, like project license keys or additional user fees. A user who buys a copy of FMSP in French or German can customize her/his own solution and deploy it to an unlimited number of users.

Adam Russ, Product Manager for the localization effort added,

Of course, FMSP is based upon the FileMaker Pro platform. Users are still required to purchase appropriate copies of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go as their needs dictate. A demo of FileMaker Pro is available at A free trial version of FMSP in French and German is available, as well, through RCC to allow users a test drive before they purchase the application. We expect to release FMSP for Spanish shortly and, eventually, release it for Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, and Swedish.

Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc., is one of the leading FileMaker consultancies in the United States. RCC has been successfully developing solutions for small and large businesses for 25 years. We provide customized database development services for business, government, and non-profit organizations. With a team of 25 staff, we are capable of deploying both small and large solutions for a wide variety of customers.

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