Month: February 2012

GoDraw, A New FileMaker GO Extension

Demo Video of GoDraw Here!

Todd Geist has brought a new extension to FileMaker Go called GoDraw.  GoDraw adds a whole new feature set previously no

t available in FileMaker Go.  It will let a user draw onto an image with his finger, then save it directly into the user’s database.

The full version even gives the user the ability to capture his own pictures to draw on.

Some of GoDraw’s features include

  • Drawing on images
  • Saving drawings to the database
  • Being able to change line thickness
  • Choosing from 20 different pen colors
  • Choosing from 5 different applicable themes
  • Editing previously created drawings

One mentionable item about GoDraw is that there is a free “Lite” version. This could allow a user to get aquatinted with the extension.  One could even give it a test run to see if GoDraw is the right extension for his solution.  Of course, the Lite version does not include the entire feature set; but it will still give the user a wide range of functionality.

Essentially, GoDraw operates from a web viewer that the user configure in his solution in FileMaker Pro.  Setting up GoDraw is considerably easier than it sounds.  It’s as simple as copying and pasting the code for two web viewers, a few fields, and configuring one script. Everything you need is already packaged together very neatly within the download.  Todd Geist is even able to show it being installed in about 11 short minutes (

Also, you can see Richard Carlton, along side with Todd Geist, demoing GoDraw at (link).

If you desire more information about Todd Geist’s GoDraw, you can find all of the information at