Month: October 2014

FM Starting Point 4.2

Worlds Most Popular FREE FileMaker Solution Gets Major Update!

FM Starting Point 4.2 available today, now has full integrated support for barcode printing and scanning.   From searching for Contacts via barcode to adding line items to Invoices and Estimates, FMSP has you covered.

We have partnered up with Geist Interactive (developer of Barcode Creator) to make this a reality. Currently, you can scan any barcode into FMSP and do a search or add line items but with Barcode Creator you have the power to generate and print barcodes on Invoices, Products, Labels, etc.

While FMSP continues to be free, and offers scanning of barcode, user who want to create and print their own barcodes will want to make a one time purchase of Todd Geist’s award winning Barcode creating software for $199. This is of course optional, but FMSP is wired and ready to accept the BarCode Creator software as soon as you purchase it.  A short video is available to show you how to install it.

We are excited to release this useful tool for your business needs. You can download FM Starting Point here ( for free. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

RCC Development Team