Month: September 2019

#21 – Telepathic Unicorn – FILEMAKER COACHES CORNER

Introducing the newest possible addition to your team, the telepathic unicorn! In this Coaches’ Corner we discuss the mythical creature that reads customers’ minds to ensure they always get the solution they want. If you can’t find your own telepathic unicorn, we also go over some ways to get the same results without one! For more helpful tips, checkout:

#20 – MonkeyBread with Christian – FILEMAKER COACHES CORNER

MonkeyBread Software is a plug-in that has over 5,900 functions for FileMaker.  Join us as we talk to Christian about how this versatile plug-in can enhance your solutions and FileMaker experience.  For more helpful tips, checkout:

#19 – BaseElements with Nick Orr – FILEMAKER COACHES CORNER

Wouldn’t having x-ray vision make cleaning up your FileMaker Solutions that much easier? BaseElements may be as close as we get to this and much more. Find out what else BaseElements could do for you as we talk to Nick Orr about the latest release. For more helpful tips, checkout:

#18 – Hurricane Dorian – FileMaker Coaches Corner

Hurricanes and fires and thieves, oh my! Make sure you don’t lose all your valuable FileMaker data. Time to inspect and verify that offsite backup of your data. For more helpful tips, check out: