#25 – Portal Trees Technique Demo – FILEMAKER COACHES CORNER

Using some Categories and Sorts, you can create a neat Folder toggle within your FileMaker portals. In this tip, we show you how this can be done and include a free demo file to help you get started. For more helpful tips, check out:

Download Sample File:

#24 – Top 10 Free FileMaker Resources – FILEMAKER COACHES CORNER

With so many resources floating around, we bring you this list of our top 10 FREE FileMaker resources. Ranging everywhere from an open CRM to complex Server tools, this great list has something for every level of developer! For more helpful tips, check out:


#23 – 360Works’ MirrorSync 6 – FILEMAKER COACHES CORNER

360Works’ latest version of MirrorSync is out now!  360Works’ CEO Jesse Barnum talks with Richard about the exciting updates to their product and the future of syncing with FileMaker.

For more helpful tips, check out:

#21 – Telepathic Unicorn – FILEMAKER COACHES CORNER

Introducing the newest possible addition to your team, the telepathic unicorn! In this Coaches’ Corner we discuss the mythical creature that reads customers’ minds to ensure they always get the solution they want. If you can’t find your own telepathic unicorn, we also go over some ways to get the same results without one! For more helpful tips, checkout:

#20 – MonkeyBread with Christian – FILEMAKER COACHES CORNER

MonkeyBread Software is a plug-in that has over 5,900 functions for FileMaker.  Join us as we talk to Christian about how this versatile plug-in can enhance your solutions and FileMaker experience.  For more helpful tips, checkout:

#19 – BaseElements with Nick Orr – FILEMAKER COACHES CORNER

Wouldn’t having x-ray vision make cleaning up your FileMaker Solutions that much easier? BaseElements may be as close as we get to this and much more. Find out what else BaseElements could do for you as we talk to Nick Orr about the latest release. For more helpful tips, checkout:

#18 – Hurricane Dorian – FileMaker Coaches Corner

Hurricanes and fires and thieves, oh my! Make sure you don’t lose all your valuable FileMaker data. Time to inspect and verify that offsite backup of your data. For more helpful tips, check out:

#17 – Multi-Record Selection Demo – FileMaker Coaches Corner


By using a creative custom function, you can select multiple records from a list.  One of our coaches shares all of the details: For more helpful tips, check out:

#16 – Highlight Search Results – Coaches Corner

There is an easy custom function you can add to your FileMaker file to highlight search results in a portal. One of our coaches shares all of the details. For more helpful tips, check out:

#15 – Importing Images from a Folder – Coaches Corner

Uploading multiple images into a FileMaker container field may seem impossible. However, there is a cool way to do it by dragging and dropping a whole folder directory into the field.